Customer Training

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Content Editor WorkshopBecome productive with the Roxen CMS Content Editor interface swiftly & easily.0.5 days
Site Developer WorkshopCreate and maintain your sites on your own; learn the steps and techniques used. 3 days
Administration WorkshopInstall, configure, maintain and update your servers on your own. 1 day
Tailored WorkshopPick and choose a selection of training modules of your choice!Custom

Content Editor Workshop

The Roxen Content Editor Workshop is aimed at the individual who has not worked with Roxen CMS and wants to learn the basics. The course is also suitable for individuals whom have worked with Roxen CMS but feel that a refresher of the basic functions would be of benefit. The workshop consists of practical exercises where one works with simulated authentic problems. The following skills will be taught: 

  • Web page creation and editing
  • Templates and their use
  • Search
  • Access permissions
  • Navigation interface creation and editing

If additional components are enabled these will be covered too.

Prerequisites: The workshop does not require that you have special skills apart from computer knowledge.

Course Length: 0.5 days

Site Developer Workshop

In this workshop participants will learn how to build site structure, design and functionality using Roxen CMS. The workshop gives an introduction to database driven applications, XML, XSLT and RXML. The student will also become proficient in using Roxen's Integrated Development Environment, teamwork support and versioning of files.

Prerequisites: Participants should be proficient in HTML including tables and forms. Experience in larger web projects increases the exchange of knowledge within the course.

Course Length: 3 days

Administration Workshop

The Administrator Workshop Step 1 teaches how to install Roxen CMS, how to install updates and how to create and maintain sites using the Roxen CMS Administrative Tools. Installation and configuration of modules is also covered. Unix and Windows versions of the Workshop are available.

The workshop consists of theory and practical exercises where one builds sites. 

  • Installation of Roxen Administration interface and modules
  • Creating Platform and FTP sites
  • Access Control
  • LogView
  • Application Launcher
  • Roxen Search
  • Upgrading and patch installation
  • Tips for troubleshooting

Prerequisites: Basic system administration skills with the relevant operating system (Unix or Windows).

Course Length: 1 day

Tailored Workshop

Please contact Roxen Sales for further information and pricing.