Consulting Services

We are happy to assist with consulting projects in a multitude of areas.

  • Installation – Make sure your software is properly installed and documented.
  • Implementation – Let our experts participate in project tasks such as planning, implementation, testing, code review, deployment, documentation and fault tolerance setup.
  • Maintenance – Moving to a new data centre or changing hardware? We can assist in moving, reinstalling and verifying at the new location.
  • Upgrades – Enjoy the latest functionality and enhancements with an upgrade that runs in the safest and smoothest way possible.
  • Hosting – Let Roxen take full responsibility for daily operations of your software and hardware, no matter if it's installed in-house or externally.
  • Site redesign – Have your old sites updated according to the latest technologies and best practices.
  • Performance review – Find your site's bottlenecks and plan ahead for increased capacity. Includes in-depth analysis of templates, databases, cache utilization and more.
  • Performance tuning — Make sure your site remains responsive under heavy load and provide plenty of room to grow in the future. This service aims to improve the areas identified during a performance review.
  • Custom development – Enhance your Internet applications with our engineering skills across a wide variety of technologies.

Please contact Roxen Sales for proposals.